Quality NOT Quantity

Food waste is the scourge of 21st-century society. However, it is up to each one of us, as individuals, to make conscious decisions about the food we eat and, therefore, the food we buy. We could begin to considerably reduce food waste and consequently food shortage. Being mindful about food waste is one of the many solutions to feeding the world’s population. There is enough food for all of us we just need to think about how we eat. We have the power to change the society in which we live, we are society. Governments and multinational food companies respond to what we, society, the people, want. We set the trends and the multinationals follow; their number one priority is to make money.

We have never been so educated to make informed decisions; information is at our finger tips…literally! Be an ‘ingredient reader’; indeed it takes time in the beginning but practice makes perfect and in no time it will become second-nature. Be aware of the food you’re buying and where it comes from.

Buy local, eat local. Don’t be afraid to make a stand. Be part of positive change. Show your family and friends and especially your children that we all have the power to change.

Be aware of seasons as that is when food is at its best. Remember, what food you put in your mouth is who you are. You have one body, one life, one shot at it. Life is a theatre performance not a film with multiple ‘takes and cuts’!

I recall my early 20s living in Paris, admiring the food stalls at weekly markets or at the greengrocer’s. They were so vibrantly colourful. I always bought French produce and when it was not possible I bought food imported from neighbouring countries. It was always about reducing food miles and supporting local.

Eating better means eating less and spending less and less waste. It also means an even food-distribution for all of us. Buying local means eating fresh produce which is healthier and tastier because it’s seasonal! Support local food growers, fishers and farmers.

Reducing food waste starts at home. It is rather simple; check the ‘larder’ before you go grocery shopping. Make a shopping list and stick to it! Think local to reduce food miles.

So… buy local, eat fresh, and reduce waste & food miles. Be an actor of positive change.