Let’s ‘clean-up’ our act!

It’s great to know that Irish fishers are involved in cleaning-up our seas and oceans. Goodness knows fishers get bad press; and of course, people tend to put all fishers in the one basket. Or as an Irish fisherman once said to me “they’re being tarred with the same brush”.  Many of Ireland’s fishers are involved in the ‘Fishing for litter’ scheme; collecting plastic and other waste from the sea without any incentive but just wanting a better marine environment. I am proud, we all should be, that Irish fishers are involved in such a scheme that can only benefit all of us.

We must realise that we are all more or less guilty of polluting our seas whether directly or indirectly. Just think about all those micro-plastics found in your everyday products. Think about it next time you use your favourite cleansing lotion, or when you brush your teeth. We all have choices to make and we all have the power to choose what is best for us and our planet. Make the planet a better place to be and, especially, think about ‘cleaning-up our act’ for future generations; it is really worthwhile.

We do not require any extraordinary means. Suffice to make positive changes on a personal level.  Next time you’re taking a stroll along the beach pick-up a piece of litter and bin it. Making positive changes as individuals leads to collective transformations.

Ask yourself what kind of a planet do you wish to bestow on the next generation?

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